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Always for the shoes fans to bring the classic UNDEFEATED and Nike, this season once again jointly launched the new Air Max 97 joint design, and now the official also officially announced the cooperation series of the sale of information. In addition to the previously exposed details of the black version of the tour, the first by the DJ Khaled drying out of the white version will also be on sale, the biggest feature of the two pairs of shoes is to bring "UNDEFEATED" words red, green lines around the upper Above, but also to green Swoosh and "5 Strike" logo for embellishment, and finally equipped with full palm Nike air max outlet UK visual outsole unit.

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I believe that the trend of small white shoes in recent quarters we are no stranger to the major brands launched by the small white shoes have already started a lot of double, but if you for the "white" shoes have been interested in the lack of words, may wish to You can consider the recent hot lavender purple color, elegant lavender color does not like pink gives too cute childish image, but also with a trace of romantic atmosphere. And recently Nike's classic shoes nike air max 90 best price launched a new Violet Mist color, not only calm and more wild, Jiaoren difficult to ignore, the whole pair of shoes from the upper to the shoelaces are used the same color of the lavender purple.


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In March this year, there is news notice OFF-WHITE and Nike will create 10 pairs of joint shoes, these months have been exposed to 6 pairs of shoes in kind and details, more Virgil Abloh friends took the lead.


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In 1981, Nike produced a new racing shoe to expand the range of running footwear products. This pair of nike air max discount designed for the use of the palm in the palm or the palm of the road to the way to run the game design, and the use of Nike's leading cushioning technology at the time Air Technology. It is following the 1979 Nike Air Tailwind after the second pair of the use of this technology shoes. The new prototype of the newly designed running shoes is called the Curved Air Racer, which uses a specific air pressure throughout the soles of the feet to optimize the performance of the competition. Before the release, the name of the pair of shoes was changed to Air Mariah (some say it is named after the wind).

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NIKE brand in the sports and leisure series occupies a high status, some of which classic, re-engraved has become a symbol of the trend, but also for people's movement to help. NIKE air max90 series is currently a favorite series.
Nike air max 90 sale fashion and the comfort of the process to provide a lot of people fascinated by its endless, but also one of its unique charm. On the characteristics of this series of shoes, mainly in the following aspects.

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